Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Ash Is Good Ash

Check out this truly fantastic news for citizens everywhere dealing with coal ash.
I would like to point out that only one Alabama representative voted NO.
Thank you Terri Sewell, [D] AL-7

This law would have been devastating to the momentum to regulate toxic coal ash. We have a prime example here in Alabama of how a seemingly innocent community with absolutely no ties to the coal fields can be condemned to a life of toxic coal ash  in their communities and invading their lives, harming their health and peace of mind.
The vote yesterday  / last night was a monumental success for us all!

Lisa Evans
Senior Administrative Counsel

The House voted on the McKinley Amendment (217) last night at about 2:00 am  -- and the amendment passed, but WE GOT THE VOTES WE NEEDED to keep the fight alive in the Senate and to demonstrate to EPA that there is support in the House for the coal ash rulemaking.  YOUR HARD WORK brought us many many votes that otherwise would have been lost!  It was critical that we make a strong show of opposition and, with YOUR help, we did!

The vote was 239 to 183.  Your calls/emails/letters amazingly brought to our side 19 republicans (about 3 times as many as any other environmental rider) including reps from OH, VA, IL and TN!  This was a fantastic feat!

Please check the voting list below and PLEASE  thank your representative with a call or email if he/she voted with us.  We will certainly be asking more of these reps this summer, and they will remember that you thanked them.  Also, next week we will be sending out an organizational letter thanking all who opposed the amendment.  Special thanks to Reps Waxman and Moran who spoke from the floor in opposition at about 1 am.

Again-- you all were key to this great vote.  We will need your help in the senate next week to defeat this amendment, but for now, have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa Evans
Senior Administrative Counsel
21 Ocean Ave.
Marblehead, MA 01945
T: (781) 631-4119
F: (212) 918-1556

Good Votes
No      NY-5    Ackerman, Gary [D]
No      PA-4    Altmire, Jason [D]
No      NJ-1    Andrews, Robert [D]
No      CA-43   Baca, Joe [D]
No      WI-2    Baldwin, Tammy [D]
No      NH-2    Bass, Charles [R]
No      CA-33   Bass, Karen [D]
No      CA-31   Becerra, Xavier [D]
No      NV-1    Berkley, Shelley [D]
No      CA-28   Berman, Howard [D]
No      GA-2    Bishop, Sanford [D]
No      NY-1    Bishop, Timothy [D]
No      OR-3    Blumenauer, Earl [D]
No      PA-1    Brady, Robert [D]
No      IA-1    Braley, Bruce [D]
No      FL-3    Brown, Corrine [D]
No      NC-1    Butterfield, George [D]
No      CA-23   Capps, Lois [D]
No      MA-8    Capuano, Michael [D]
No      MO-3    Carnahan, Russ [D]
No      DE-0    Carney, John [D]
No      LA-6    Cassidy, Bill [R]
No      FL-11   Castor, Kathy [D]
No      CA-32   Chu, Judy [D]
No      RI-1    Cicilline, David [D]
No      MI-13   Clarke, Hansen [D]
No      NY-11   Clarke, Yvette [D]
No      MO-1    Clay, William [D]
No      MO-5    Cleaver, Emanuel [D]
No      SC-6    Clyburn, James [D]
No      TN-9    Cohen, Steve [D]
No      VA-11   Connolly, Gerald [D]
No      MI-14   Conyers, John [D]
No      TN-5    Cooper, Jim [D]
No      CT-2    Courtney, Joe [D]
No      NY-7    Crowley, Joseph [D]
No      MD-7    Cummings, Elijah [D]
No      IL-7    Davis, Danny [D]
No      CA-53   Davis, Susan [D]
No      OR-4    DeFazio, Peter [D]
No      CO-1    DeGette, Diana [D]
No      CT-3    DeLauro, Rosa [D]
No      FL-19   Deutch, Ted [D]
No      WA-6    Dicks, Norman [D]
No      MI-15   Dingell, John [D]
No      TX-25   Doggett, Lloyd [D]
No      PA-14   Doyle, Michael [D]
No      MD-4    Edwards, Donna [D]
No      MN-5    Ellison, Keith [D]
No      NY-17   Engel, Eliot [D]
No      CA-14   Eshoo, Anna [D]
No      CA-17   Farr, Sam [D]
No      PA-2    Fattah, Chaka [D]
No      CA-51   Filner, Bob [D]
No      PA-8    Fitzpatrick, Michael [R]
No      TN-3    Fleischmann, Chuck [R]
No      VA-4    Forbes, J. [R]
No      NE-1    Fortenberry, Jeffrey [R]
No      MA-4    Frank, Barney [D]
No      OH-11   Fudge, Marcia [D]
No      CA-10   Garamendi, John [D]
No      TX-20   Gonzalez, Charles [D]
No      TX-9    Green, Al [D]
No      TX-29   Green, Raymond [D]
No      AZ-7    Grijalva, Raul [D]
No      IL-4    Gutierrez, Luis [D]
No      HI-1    Hanabusa, Colleen [D]
No      FL-23   Hastings, Alcee [D]
No      NY-19   Hayworth, Nan [R]
No      NM-1    Heinrich, Martin [D]
No      NY-27   Higgins, Brian [D]
No      CT-4    Himes, James [D]
No      NY-22   Hinchey, Maurice [D]
No      HI-2    Hirono, Mazie [D]
No      NJ-12   Holt, Rush [D]
No      CA-15   Honda, Michael [D]
No      MD-5    Hoyer, Steny [D]
No      WA-1    Inslee, Jay [D]
No      NY-2    Israel, Steve [D]
No      IL-2    Jackson, Jesse [D]
No      TX-18   Jackson-Lee, Sheila [D]
No      TX-30   Johnson, Eddie [D]
No      GA-4    Johnson, Henry [D]
No      IL-15   Johnson, Timothy [R]
No      OH-9    Kaptur, Marcy [D]
No      MA-10   Keating, William [D]
No      MI-5    Kildee, Dale [D]
No      NC-8    Kissell, Larry [D]
No      OH-10   Kucinich, Dennis [D]
No      NJ-7    Lance, Leonard [R]
No      RI-2    Langevin, James [D]
No      WA-2    Larsen, Rick [D]
No      CT-1    Larson, John [D]
No      OH-14   LaTourette, Steven [R]
No      CA-9    Lee, Barbara [D]
No      MI-12   Levin, Sander [D]
No      GA-5    Lewis, John [D]
No      IL-3    Lipinski, Daniel [D]
No      NJ-2    LoBiondo, Frank [R]
No      IA-2    Loebsack, David [D]
No      CA-16   Lofgren, Zoe [D]
No      NY-18   Lowey, Nita [D]
No      NM-3    Lujan, Ben [D]
No      MA-9    Lynch, Stephen [D]
No      NY-14   Maloney, Carolyn [D]
No      MA-7    Markey, Edward [D]
No      CA-5    Matsui, Doris [D]
No      WA-7    McDermott, James [D]
No      MA-3    McGovern, James [D]
No      NC-7    McIntyre, Mike [D]
No      CA-11   McNerney, Jerry [D]
No      NY-6    Meeks, Gregory [D]
No      ME-2    Michaud, Michael [D]
No      CA-7    Miller, George [D]
No      NC-13   Miller, R. [D]
No      WI-4    Moore, Gwen [D]
No      VA-8    Moran, James [D]
No      CT-5    Murphy, Christopher [D]
No      NY-8    Nadler, Jerrold [D]
No      CA-38   Napolitano, Grace [D]
No      MA-2    Neal, Richard [D]
No      MA-1    Olver, John [D]
No      NJ-6    Pallone, Frank [D]
No      NJ-8    Pascrell, William [D]
No      AZ-4    Pastor, Edward [D]
No      MN-3    Paulsen, Erik [R]
No      NJ-10   Payne, Donald [D]
No      CA-8    Pelosi, Nancy [D]
No      CO-7    Perlmutter, Ed [D]
No      ME-1    Pingree, Chellie [D]
No      CO-2    Polis, Jared [D]
No      NC-4    Price, David [D]
No      IL-5    Quigley, Mike [D]
No      NY-15   Rangel, Charles [D]
No      WA-8    Reichert, Dave [R]
No      TX-16   Reyes, Silvestre [D]
No      CA-37   Richardson, Laura [D]
No      LA-2    Richmond, Cedric [D]
No      VA-2    Rigell, E. [R]
No      NJ-9    Rothman, Steven [D]
No      CA-34   Roybal-Allard, Lucille [D]
No      MD-2    Ruppersberger, C.A. [D]
No      IL-1    Rush, Bobby [D]
No      OH-17   Ryan, Timothy [D]
No      CA-39   Sanchez, Linda [D]
No      CA-47   Sanchez, Loretta [D]
No      MD-3    Sarbanes, John [D]
No      IL-9    Schakowsky, Janice [D]
No      CA-29   Schiff, Adam [D]
No      OR-5    Schrader, Kurt [D]
No      PA-13   Schwartz, Allyson [D]
No      GA-13   Scott, David [D]
No      VA-3    Scott, Robert [D]
No      NY-16   Serrano, José [D]
No      AL-7    Sewell, Terri [D]
No      CA-27   Sherman, Brad [D]
No      NC-11   Shuler, Heath [D]
No      NY-28   Slaughter, Louise [D]
No      WA-9    Smith, Adam [D]
No      NJ-4    Smith, Christopher [R]
No      CA-12   Speier, Jackie [D]
No      OH-13   Sutton, Betty [D]
No      MS-2    Thompson, Bennie [D]
No      CA-1    Thompson, C. [D]
No      MA-6    Tierney, John [D]
No      NY-21   Tonko, Paul [D]
No      NY-10   Towns, Edolphus [D]
No      MA-5    Tsongas, Niki [D]
No      OH-3    Turner, Michael [R]
No      MD-8    Van Hollen, Christopher [D]
No      NY-12   Velazquez, Nydia [D]
No      IN-1    Visclosky, Peter [D]
No      FL-20   Wasserman Schultz, Debbie [D]
No      CA-35   Waters, Maxine [D]
No      NC-12   Watt, Melvin [D]
No      CA-30   Waxman, Henry [D]
No      NY-9    Weiner, Anthony [D]
No      VT-0    Welch, Peter [D]
No      VA-1    Wittman, Rob [R]
No      VA-10   Wolf, Frank [R]
No      CA-6    Woolsey, Lynn [D]
No      OR-1    Wu, David [D]
No      KY-3    Yarmuth, John [D]

Bad Votes
Aye     FL-24   Adams, Sandy [R]
Aye     AL-4    Aderholt, Robert [R]
Aye     MO-2    Akin, W. [R]
Aye     LA-5    Alexander, Rodney [R]
Aye     MI-3    Amash, Justin [R]
Aye     OH-7    Austria, Steve [R]
Aye     MN-6    Bachmann, Michele [R]
Aye     AL-6    Bachus, Spencer [R]
Aye     PA-11   Barletta, Lou [R]
Aye     GA-12   Barrow, John [D]
Aye     MD-6    Bartlett, Roscoe [R]
Aye     TX-6    Barton, Joe [R]
Aye     MI-1    Benishek, Dan [R]
Aye     ND-0    Berg, Rick [R]
Aye     IL-13   Biggert, Judy [R]
Aye     CA-50   Bilbray, Brian [R]
Aye     FL-9    Bilirakis, Gus [R]
Aye     UT-1    Bishop, Rob [R]
Aye     TN-6    Black, Diane [R]
Aye     TN-7    Blackburn, Marsha [R]
Aye     AL-1    Bonner, Jo [R]
Aye     CA-45   Bono Mack, Mary [R]
Aye     OK-2    Boren, Dan [D]
Aye     IA-3    Boswell, Leonard [D]
Aye     LA-7    Boustany, Charles [R]
Aye     TX-8    Brady, Kevin [R]
Aye     AL-5    Brooks, Mo [R]
Aye     GA-10   Broun, Paul [R]
Aye     FL-13   Buchanan, Vern [R]
Aye     IN-8    Bucshon, Larry [R]
Aye     NY-25   Buerkle, Ann Marie [R]
Aye     TX-26   Burgess, Michael [R]
Aye     IN-5    Burton, Dan [R]
Aye     CA-44   Calvert, Ken [R]
Aye     MI-4    Camp, David [R]
Aye     CA-48   Campbell, John [R]
Aye     TX-23   Canseco, Francisco [R]
Aye     VA-7    Cantor, Eric [R]
Aye     WV-2    Capito, Shelley [R]
Aye     CA-18   Cardoza, Dennis [D]
Aye     IN-7    Carson, André [D]
Aye     TX-31   Carter, John [R]
Aye     OH-1    Chabot, Steven [R]
Aye     UT-3    Chaffetz, Jason [R]
Aye     KY-6    Chandler, Ben [D]
Aye     NC-6    Coble, Howard [R]
Aye     CO-6    Coffman, Mike [R]
Aye     OK-4    Cole, Tom [R]
Aye     TX-11   Conaway, K. [R]
Aye     CA-20   Costa, Jim [D]
Aye     IL-12   Costello, Jerry [D]
Aye     MN-8    Cravaack, Chip [R]
Aye     AR-1    Crawford, Eric [R]
Aye     FL-4    Crenshaw, Ander [R]
Aye     PA-12   Critz, Mark [D]
Aye     TX-28   Cuellar, Henry [D]
Aye     TX-7    Culberson, John [R]
Aye     KY-4    Davis, Geoff [R]
Aye     CA-19   Denham, Jeff [R]
Aye     PA-15   Dent, Charles [R]
Aye     TN-4    DesJarlais, Scott [R]
Aye     FL-21   Diaz-Balart, Mario [R]
Aye     IL-10   Dold, Bob [R]
Aye     IN-2    Donnelly, Joe [D]
Aye     CA-26   Dreier, David [R]
Aye     WI-7    Duffy, Sean [R]
Aye     SC-3    Duncan, Jeff [R]
Aye     TN-2    Duncan, John [R]
Aye     NC-2    Ellmers, Renee [R]
Aye     MO-8    Emerson, Jo Ann [R]
Aye     TX-27   Farenthold, Blake [R]
Aye     TN-8    Fincher, Stephen [R]
Aye     AZ-6    Flake, Jeff [R]
Aye     LA-4    Fleming, John [R]
Aye     TX-17   Flores, Bill [R]
Aye     NC-5    Foxx, Virginia [R]
Aye     AZ-2    Franks, Trent [R]
Aye     NJ-11   Frelinghuysen, Rodney [R]
Aye     CA-24   Gallegly, Elton [R]
Aye     CO-4    Gardner, Cory [R]
Aye     NJ-5    Garrett, Scott [R]
Aye     PA-6    Gerlach, Jim [R]
Aye     OH-18   Gibbs, Bob [R]
Aye     NY-20   Gibson, Chris [R]
Aye     GA-11   Gingrey, John [R]
Aye     TX-1    Gohmert, Louis [R]
Aye     VA-6    Goodlatte, Robert [R]
Aye     AZ-1    Gosar, Paul [R]
Aye     SC-4    Gowdy, Trey [R]
Aye     TX-12   Granger, Kay [R]
Aye     MO-6    Graves, Samuel [R]
Aye     GA-9    Graves, Tom [R]
Aye     AR-2    Griffin, Tim [R]
Aye     VA-9    Griffith, H. [R]
Aye     NY-13   Grimm, Michael [R]
Aye     NH-1    Guinta, Frank [R]
Aye     KY-2    Guthrie, Brett [R]
Aye     TX-4    Hall, Ralph [R]
Aye     NY-24   Hanna, Richard [R]
Aye     MS-3    Harper, Gregg [R]
Aye     MD-1    Harris, Andy [R]
Aye     MO-4    Hartzler, Vicky [R]
Aye     WA-4    Hastings, Doc [R]
Aye     NV-3    Heck, Joe [R]
Aye     NV-2    Heller, Dean [R]
Aye     TX-5    Hensarling, Jeb [R]
Aye     CA-2    Herger, Walter [R]
Aye     WA-3    Herrera Beutler, Jaime [R]
Aye     PA-17   Holden, Tim [D]
Aye     KS-1    Huelskamp, Tim [R]
Aye     MI-2    Huizenga, Bill [R]
Aye     IL-14   Hultgren, Randy [R]
Aye     CA-52   Hunter, Duncan [R]
Aye     VA-5    Hurt, Robert [R]
Aye     CA-49   Issa, Darrell [R]
Aye     KS-2    Jenkins, Lynn [R]
Aye     OH-6    Johnson, Bill [R]
Aye     TX-3    Johnson, Samuel [R]
Aye     NC-3    Jones, Walter [R]
Aye     OH-4    Jordan, Jim [R]
Aye     PA-3    Kelly, Mike [R]
Aye     WI-3    Kind, Ronald [D]
Aye     NY-3    King, Peter [R]
Aye     IA-5    King, Steve [R]
Aye     GA-1    Kingston, Jack [R]
Aye     IL-11   Kinzinger, Adam [R]
Aye     MN-2    Kline, John [R]
Aye     ID-1    Labrador, Raúl [R]
Aye     CO-5    Lamborn, Doug [R]
Aye     LA-3    Landry, Jeff [R]
Aye     OK-5    Lankford, James [R]
Aye     IA-4    Latham, Thomas [R]
Aye     OH-5    Latta, Robert [R]
Aye     CA-41   Lewis, Jerry [R]
Aye     MO-7    Long, Billy [R]
Aye     OK-3    Lucas, Frank [R]
Aye     MO-9    Luetkemeyer, Blaine [R]
Aye     WY-0    Lummis, Cynthia [R]
Aye     CA-3    Lungren, Daniel [R]
Aye     FL-14   Mack, Connie [R]
Aye     IL-16   Manzullo, Donald [R]
Aye     TX-24   Marchant, Kenny [R]
Aye     PA-10   Marino, Thomas [R]
Aye     UT-2    Matheson, Jim [D]
Aye     CA-22   McCarthy, Kevin [R]
Aye     TX-10   McCaul, Michael [R]
Aye     CA-4    McClintock, Tom [R]
Aye     MI-11   McCotter, Thaddeus [R]
Aye     NC-10   McHenry, Patrick [R]
Aye     CA-25   McKeon, Howard [R]
Aye     WV-1    McKinley, David [R]
Aye     WA-5    McMorris Rodgers, Cathy [R]
Aye     PA-7    Meehan, Patrick [R]
Aye     FL-7    Mica, John [R]
Aye     MI-10   Miller, Candice [R]
Aye     CA-42   Miller, Gary [R]
Aye     FL-1    Miller, Jeff [R]
Aye     SC-5    Mulvaney, Mick [R]
Aye     PA-18   Murphy, Tim [R]
Aye     NC-9    Myrick, Sue [R]
Aye     TX-19   Neugebauer, Randy [R]
Aye     SD-0    Noem, Kristi [R]
Aye     FL-5    Nugent, Richard [R]
Aye     CA-21   Nunes, Devin [R]
Aye     MS-1    Nunnelee, Alan [R]
Aye     TX-22   Olson, Pete [R]
Aye     NY-23   Owens, William [D]
Aye     MS-4    Palazzo, Steven [R]
Aye     NM-2    Pearce, Steven [R]
Aye     IN-6    Pence, Mike [R]
Aye     MN-7    Peterson, Collin [D]
Aye     WI-6    Petri, Thomas [R]
Aye     PA-16   Pitts, Joseph [R]
Aye     PA-19   Platts, Todd [R]
Aye     TX-2    Poe, Ted [R]
Aye     KS-4    Pompeo, Mike [R]
Aye     FL-15   Posey, Bill [R]
Aye     GA-6    Price, Tom [R]
Aye     WV-3    Rahall, Nick [D]
Aye     NY-29   Reed, Tom [R]
Aye     MT-0    Rehberg, Dennis [R]
Aye     OH-16   Renacci, Jim [R]
Aye     WI-8    Ribble, Reid [R]
Aye     FL-25   Rivera, David [R]
Aye     AL-2    Roby, Martha [R]
Aye     TN-1    Roe, Phil [R]
Aye     KY-5    Rogers, Harold [R]
Aye     AL-3    Rogers, Michael [R]
Aye     MI-8    Rogers, Michael [R]
Aye     CA-46   Rohrabacher, Dana [R]
Aye     IN-4    Rokita, Todd [R]
Aye     FL-16   Rooney, Thomas [R]
Aye     IL-6    Roskam, Peter [R]
Aye     FL-18   Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [R]
Aye     FL-12   Ross, Dennis [R]
Aye     AR-4    Ross, Mike [D]
Aye     CA-40   Royce, Edward [R]
Aye     NJ-3    Runyan, Jon [R]
Aye     WI-1    Ryan, Paul [R]
Aye     LA-1    Scalise, Steve [R]
Aye     IL-17   Schilling, Robert [R]
Aye     OH-2    Schmidt, Jean [R]
Aye     IL-18   Schock, Aaron [R]
Aye     AZ-5    Schweikert, David [R]
Aye     GA-8    Scott, Austin [R]
Aye     SC-1    Scott, Tim [R]
Aye     WI-5    Sensenbrenner, F. [R]
Aye     TX-32   Sessions, Peter [R]
Aye     IL-19   Shimkus, John [R]
Aye     PA-9    Shuster, William [R]
Aye     ID-2    Simpson, Michael [R]
Aye     NE-3    Smith, Adrian [R]
Aye     TX-21   Smith, Lamar [R]
Aye     FL-2    Southerland, Steve [R]
Aye     FL-6    Stearns, Clifford [R]
Aye     OH-15   Stivers, Steve [R]
Aye     IN-3    Stutzman, Marlin [R]
Aye     OK-1    Sullivan, John [R]
Aye     NE-2    Terry, Lee [R]
Aye     PA-5    Thompson, Glenn [R]
Aye     TX-13   Thornberry, William [R]
Aye     OH-12   Tiberi, Patrick [R]
Aye     CO-3    Tipton, Scott [R]
Aye     MI-6    Upton, Frederick [R]
Aye     MI-7    Walberg, Timothy [R]
Aye     OR-2    Walden, Greg [R]
Aye     IL-8    Walsh, Joe [R]
Aye     MN-1    Walz, Timothy [D]
Aye     FL-8    Webster, Daniel [R]
Aye     FL-22   West, Allen [R]
Aye     GA-3    Westmoreland, Lynn [R]
Aye     KY-1    Whitfield, Edward [R]
Aye     SC-2    Wilson, Addison [R]
Aye     AR-3    Womack, Steve [R]
Aye     GA-7    Woodall, Rob [R]
Aye     KS-3    Yoder, Kevin [R]
Aye     FL-10   Young, C. W. [R]
Aye     AK-0    Young, Donald [R]
Aye     IN-9    Young, Todd [R]

Didn't Vote
Not Voting      AZ-8    Giffords, Gabrielle [D]
Not Voting      CA-36   Harman, Jane [D]
Not Voting      TX-15   Hinojosa, Rubén [D]
Not Voting      NY-4    McCarthy, Carolyn [D]
Not Voting      MN-4    McCollum, Betty [D]
Not Voting      TX-14   Paul, Ronald [R]
Not Voting      MI-9    Peters, Gary [D]
Not Voting      AZ-3    Quayle, Ben [R]
Not Voting      NJ-13   Sires, Albio [D]
Not Voting      CA-13   Stark, Fortney [D]
Not Voting      FL-17   Wilson, Frederica [D]

Lisa Evans
Senior Administrative Counsel
21 Ocean Ave.
Marblehead, MA 01945
T: (781) 631-4119
F: (212) 918-1556

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